About us

  • Company profile
    With both proven and innovative technology, we are able to provide the most appropriate solution for a large number of environmental issues. Waste recycling, re-use of materials and recovery of low-grade energy are key to our solutions. Through research and … Continue reading
  • Working at CirTec
    CirTec is always interested to get in touch with people who are looking for a job and who have relevant education or appropriate work experience. In that case, you can send an open application to info@cirtec.nl
  • Vision and Mission
    Our Vision Energy saving and re-use of materials are crucial to maintain a good and healthy environment for future generations. The water technology market has become more dynamic and there is a growing need for specialists with knowledge of integrated … Continue reading
  • Partners
    Cooperation and sharing knowledge are the keys to progress and crucial to CirTec. We build a network of partners with knowledge and technologies that have added value for our home markets and/or who have the ability to sell our technology … Continue reading