Cooperation and sharing knowledge are the keys to progress and crucial to CirTec. We build a network of partners with knowledge and technologies that have added value for our home markets and/or who have the ability to sell our technology in foreign markets.

  • Salsnes Filter is a Norwegian based technology company, specialised in solids removal from wastewater. Salsnes’ patented finescreen technology removes particles from municipal and industrial process water. Industries such as food, paper, cruise lines and aquaculture use the fully-automated treatment technology … Continue reading
  • GIOTTO WATER has operated worldwide in the environmental field for over 40 years, with a wide product portfolio, It offers technologies and solutions for treatment of primary water and wastewater, both municipal and industrial, as well as of sewage sludge. … Continue reading
  • Vision and Action is bridging Europe and China on technical business development, to help Chinese companies solve critical technical issues. In their VISION, sustainable development of society can be prosperous only through the integration of Social, Environmental and Economic benefits all … Continue reading