Screening and Filtration

  • Finescreens
    The advantages of using Finescreen technology includes superior performance, compact size, reduced sludge production and improved effluent quality. Equipment installed by CirTec has proven to be a reliable technology. Finescreens are applied for: Primary Sewage Treatment MBR Pretreatment Fishing Industry Food/Dairy Industry … Continue reading
  • Disc Screens
    The disc screen is a microscreen with rotating discs. The filtration unit consists of a screen cloth supported by discs. The water flows through pairs of discs (from 1 to 6 pairs): while the filtrate passes through the screen cloth, … Continue reading
  • Rotating drumfilter
    The rotodrum is a fine screen, with rotating wedge-wire drum. The water is introduced into the screen through a special distribution headbox. Solids are captured inside the cylinder, thickened and continuously discharged to the outlet, while the filtrate flows through … Continue reading