Screening and Filtration

  • Finescreening of raw wastewater
    As part of a research program, supported by STOWA (Dutch acronym for the Foundation for Applied Water Research), a Dutch Water Authority installed a Salsnes finescreen at its facilities. The operational results of the finescreen are intensively monitored, as well … Continue reading
  • Relieving biological WWTP
    Depending on the vegetables that are processed, the biological wastewater treatment plant of a large Dutch vegetable processor gets overloaded during certain periods over the year. By installing a fine screen in the feed stream, suspended solids are removed with … Continue reading
  • Removal of solids and fats
    To reduce the cost for discharge of wastewater and disposal of fats, a Dutch slaughterhouse installed a finescreen before the existing grease trap. The finescreen removes the present suspended solids (TSS) and fats (FOG) and dewaters it to a solid … Continue reading
  • Removal of TSS, fats and hair
    In order to limit the costs and efforts to water purification and to cope with existing odor problems, a Dutch Tannery decided to outsource the purification of its waste water. The existing treatment plant was renewed as part of the … Continue reading
  • Cellulose Assisted Dewatering of Sludge
    Wastewater that is discharged into the sewage system contains suspended solids that largely consists of cellulose. Cellulose which has its origin in the use of toilet paper. The CADoS technology is designed to separate the cellulose present in the sewage, … Continue reading
  • ScreenCap, finescreens at WWTP Aarle-Rixtel
    As one of the first large scale wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in Europe, the WWTP Aarle-Rixtel is equipped with CellCap screens. The essence of the innovative concept in this project is the recovery of suspended solids from raw wastewater based … Continue reading