Sludge Drying

  • Thin Layer Dryer
    In the Thin Layer Dryer, a high speed rotor centrifuges the product on the internal hot wall of a stator, heated with thermic oil or steam, which transfers the heat to the “thin layer of sludge.” The water evaporation capacity ranges … Continue reading
  • Drum Dryers
    Convective Thermal “triple pass” drum dryer The wet product is dried by an hot air stream. The process is performed inside an enclosed rotating drum consisting of three coaxial cylinders. Water evaporation capacity ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 kg/h The … Continue reading
  • Belt Dryers
    The Sludge Belt Dryer is able to work with different energy sources and particularly suited to the reuse of waste heat at a low temperature. It has extreme operational flexibility, also with products to be treated at variable characteristics, thanks … Continue reading