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About us

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We operate globally in both communal and industrial markets, focusing mainly on the treatment of wastewater, drinking and process water, biosolids, sludge, and other liquid and gas streams. Separation and thickening of solids and liquids are among our core activities. With our extensive knowledge and experience in (biological) treatment processes, we can assist you in designing or upgrading your entire treatment plant.

With both proven and innovative technology, we are able to provide appropriate solutions for a wide range of environmental issues. The reuse of waste materials and the useful deployment of low-grade energy are central to this. Through research and cooperation, we look for new ways to solve existing problems in a sustainable and economic way. With our extensive experience and knowledge of (biological) treatment processes, we can help you design or upgrade your entire treatment process.

We support our products with service and maintenance contracts, operational support, and if required, stock management.

About Cirtec

CirTec is an acronym for circular technology. Energy saving and re-use of materials become more and more important and are crucial for maintaining a good and healthy environment for future generations. Because of this, the water technology market is becoming more and more dynamic and the need for specialists with knowledge of integrated and/or total solutions is increasing. Cooperation and sharing knowledge are the keys to progress.

CirTec meets today’s needs without ignoring future challenges. Our company helps to promote eco-citizenship, by reducing the environmental impact of our own activities, develop technologies for the recovery of renewable materials and use of renewable energy. We provide the most appropriate solution for many environmental issues, by applying proven as well as innovative technology. The transition to a circular sustainable society is not a goal but an absolute must.

mission and vision

Our vision

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You might wonder why we have put sustainability right at the front of our activities. The answer is simple. Because it’s positioned at the forefront of everything we do.

Energy saving and reuse of materials are crucial to maintaining a good and healthy environment for future generations. Although everything in the world revolves around economic feasibility, we are fully aware that, in order to secure our own success – and that of our customers – we have to do more with less and we have to create more value from fewer. Therefore, our commitment to innovation means that we continue to develop more sustainable technologies with increased functionality, which help to reduce the use of natural resources and fossil fuels.

Cooperation and knowledge sharing are key to progress. Through open innovation and collaboration with suppliers, customers, consultancy firms and knowledge institutes, we maintain contact with all involved in the value chain and ensuring an adequate response to changes in the market. By collaborating with universities and educational institutions, we try to interest young people for a career in the dynamic field in which we are active. Young, well-educated people are just as important as the technical and technological challenges we face.

Our mission

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To grow our portfolio of projects and technologies while making a significant contribution to preserving a sustainable environment and investing in a cleaner future. To succeed in our mission, we:


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We innovate to make water treatment more sustainable and more economic. We create value for our customers and reduce the environmental impact of human activities by recovering resources from sewage and by reusing low-grade residual energy.

The following eight keywords describe the way we work:

Our team

Working at Cirtec

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To maintain a healthy living environment, it is crucial that we reduce waste disposal and encourage the reuse of valuable components. CirTec contributes to this by developing and marketing technology that makes water purification more sustainable. We design and build, both nationally and internationally, purification systems for water boards and industry, aimed at recovering raw materials and reusing residual heat.

We currently have no vacancies. Any open applications may be sent to info@cirtec.nl

Our partners

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Cooperation and sharing knowledge are the keys to progress and crucial to CirTec. We build a network of partners with knowledge and technologies that have added value for our home markets and/or who have the ability to sell our technology in the foreign market.