Docu-style film on cellulose recovery from sewage

4 June 2021

The Water Alliance made a beautiful docu-style film about recovering cellulose from sewage and the transition in mindset to think from the resource perspective instead of waste. If we think about climate change or reducing greenhouse gases, resource reuse is a necessity. Cellulose recovery with CellCap and reuse of Recell are just one example.

With the docu-style film “CirTec and the remarkable story of cellulose recovery,” CirTec is also launching the CellCap technology internationally. CellCap is a two-stage screening technology that allows a fermentable residual stream and a cellulose stream to be extracted from sewage water at the beginning of a wastewater treatment plant without the need for additional pumping steps. Not only is a valuable resource recovered, it also significantly reduces the energy consumption of a rzi, produces less sludge and requires less polyelectrolyte for dewatering.

Extraction of cellulose from sewage and beneficial reuse of the raw material avoids 2 to 2.5 tons of CO2-eq emissions per ton of cellulose.

Thanks to: Water Alliance, Dr Mark Fletcher, Noor Ney, Marit van Veen and Coos Wessels