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When sewage gets directed to a sewage treatment plant, it comes with a lot of particles that are suspended. The dry weight of those, found in a sample of water after filtration, is called TSS or total suspended solids. Those are usually comprised of different substances. For example, fine sand, hairs or used toilet paper. By removing these solids immediately after the coarse screening, the energy requirement for biodegradation in the aeration tank is significantly reduced.

An important part of the suspended solids in influent consists of cellulose (main component of toilet paper). This cellulose can be recovered from sewage as a reusable raw material, by implementing CellCap®.

In the CellCap® concept, a CellWash® is installed for the IntenSieve®. CellWash® is a fine-meshed sieve where, through an inventive system, the cellulose fibers can escape, where hair, leaves, seeds and other components are caught. These residuals can be digested on site to produce biogas. The cellulose fibres can be sieved in the second stage and due to the first stage filtration is the purity of the product is sufficient to sell it as a renewable material. Together with our partners we can process the recovered cellulose to customer specification and market it for our customers.

Important features of CellCap: