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The regulation for discharging effluent are becoming increasingly stringent. As we know more about the effects of certain substances in our ecosystem, requirements for the discharge of effluent will be continuously adjusted and additional treatment will be necessary.

The intake of water is also increasingly subject to regulations and will be limited further as a result of, climate change and desiccation.

 Application of final filtration or tertiary treatment are due to the aforementioned reasons increasingly required to meet discharge requirements or to enable water reuse.

A reliable solution for removing suspended solids from effluent, without dosing chemicals, is the application of disc filters. 

Years of experience in the field of tertiary treatment of effluent has led to the development of a disc filter with the highest performance, suitable for the most diverse applications. Important features are the very limited hydraulic head loss and the minimum amount of washwater required for reliable operation. Disc filters are modular can be used for almost any capacity. They are available in stainless steel housing or can be installed in a concrete tank. Filtrate is used for washwater.