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GaLiCos™ – Applying low-value residual energy for thickening concentrated liquid streams

Concentrated wastewater flows are generally not allowed to be discharged and disposal for treatment at third parties is expensive. By thickening the liquid stream to near the saturation limits, external processing costs can be significantly reduced.

GaLiCos™ is a highly ingenious (and patented) device that is designed to bring gasses and liquids in a very efficient and intensive manner in contact with each other. The unique features of the technology are that this is achieved with a minimum of energy input and in a way that the equipment does not get contaminates by the medium. The modular design of the system makes it possible to realize a system for any desired capacity. 

 The system can be operated at low temperatures, so that low-grade (residual) heat can be used as an energy source. GaLiCos™ allows industries to thicken concentrated (brine) streams to the point of saturation. Unlike other techniques, the system is not/hardly sensitive to scaling. The main advantages are: