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An IntenSieve® combines two critical processes into one compact unit – solids separation and solids thickening. The rotating filtermesh removes TSS and produces thickened sieving. It is the optimal filter design to replace conventional primary treatment.

With both enclosed and open modular systems, unlimited design flow capacity and the option to install indoors or outdoors, an IntenSieve® system provides all the flexibility you need. The system is cost-effective, compact, high-performing, chemical-free and sustainable.

 The IntenSieve® is designed for high efficiency solids removal from sewage and industrial- and municipal (waste)water streams. It is particularly effective for removing suspended solids (TSS) from liquid streams, improving water quality and possible options for further processing or discharge. The machine is designed to handle (waste)water streams which, next to solids, may contain high concentrations of fats, oils, or grease (FOG).

Other feature;

There is a wide range of IntenSieves® available with which virtually suspended solids can be removed from almost any liquid stream. Depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated, there are machines available in a capacity range from 5 to >500 m3/h.

The modular nature of the machines means that they can also easily be used for very large capacities, such as for sewage treatment plants. Other applications include vegetable processing, plastic recycling, paper industry and many others.