CirTec expands product portfolio with Giotto Water

Exclusive representation of Giotto Water by CirTec in the Netherlands and Belgium

October 23, 2018; CirTec (Purmerend, The Netherlands) and Giotto Water (Voghera, Italy) have signed an agreement for the marketing and sales of Giotto Water products in the Netherlands and Belgium. Giotto Water is a well-established Italian production company that builds high-quality machines for the purification of (waste) water and the dewatering and drying of sludge. CirTec’s extended product portfolio offers customers a high-quality economic solution for most processes in their waste water treatment plant.

The representation of Giotto Water means a firm expansion of CirTec’s product range and offers additional possibilities to support (potential) customers. In addition to current activities, such as the purification of waste and sewage water, the recovery and reuse of cellulose, the evaporation of concentrated streams and the stripping of volatile components, CirTec will also focus on the thickening and dewatering of sludge and the drying of sludge streams.

Giotto Water (formerly Sernagiotto) has many references in the Netherlands and Belgium. It has proven itself on sewage treatment plants and within the industry, particularly under very difficult conditions in soil and sand cleaning. Thickening, dewatering and drying are not uncharted territories for the CirTec employees, so the cooperation between both parties is a logical step. Ultimately, customers will benefit from the combined knowledge and skills of both parties.

Large-scale production of Crescendo

Crescendo is an innovative evaporator for corrosive liquids and gasses. The synthetic GaLiCos evaporator is made of high quality synthetic material and has a modular design. We’re proud to announce that, after performing the last functional tests, the large-production of the modules has started at the site of our Dutch supplier.

Crescendo is a technology that can evaporate corrosive and highly concentrated waste streams, such as brines, to the saturation limit. It can be applied for waste streams coming from flue gas treatment, desulphurisation and corrosive liquids and gasses in a wide pH range from 1 to 14. Low value energy can be applied as energy source, since Crescendo can run at low temperatures. The development of Crescendo was subsidised by the Partners for Water 2016-2021 programme.

Crescendo module in injection moulding machine