Our product portolio consists of finescreens, Cellvation and GaLiCos / Crescendo.

  • Cellvation
    With the cellvation technology toiletpaper can be recovered from sewage water and used as a resource in for example asphalt. CirTec has founded the cooperation Cellvation BV together with KNN Cellulose. Please visit the website to learn more about
  • Finescreens
    The advantages of using Finescreen technology includes superior performance, compact size, reduced sludge production and improved effluent quality. Equipment installed by CirTec has proven to be a reliable technology. Finescreens are applied for: Primary Sewage Treatment MBR Pretreatment Fishing Industry Food/Dairy Industry
  • GaLiCos and Crescendo
    GaLiCos is short for Gas Liquid Contact System and can be be applied for evaporation (thickening of liquids), scrubbing of (hot) gasses, stripping, cooling and a range of related purposes. Crescendo is the newest development of the stainless steel GaLiCos: an
  • Service
    Since water treatment is not the core-business for many customers, putting out service and maintenance under contract to a specialist is a serious option. Through a network of well-trained mechanical and electrotechnical engineers we cover all aspects of operations, service,