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Sustainable solutions for environmental problems

With both proven and innovative technology, we can offer a suitable solution for a large number of environmental issues. The reuse of waste materials and the useful application of low-grade energy are central to this. Through research and cooperation, we seek new ways to solve existing problems sustainably and economically.

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Our solutions

Recovering raw materials

Reuse of material

Energy Savings

Reuse of low-grade energy

Our work

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We are active in the municipal and industrial market worldwide and focus on the treatment of wastewater, drinking and process water, biosolids, sludge, and gasses.

The separation and thickening of solids and liquids are also part of our core activities. With our extensive knowledge and experience in (biological) treatment processes, we can assist you in designing or upgrading your entire treatment plant.

We support our products with service and maintenance contracts and operational support. Furthermore, we can manage your spare parts.

Municipal waste water

With the use of fine screens as pre-treatment, CirTec contributes to the objectives of the Waterboards. Finescreens relieve the biology and thereby contribute to the energy objectives.

The sieved material that is secreted mainly consists of cellulose which has enormous potential as a raw material. Finescreen technology for municipal wastewater treatment is far beyond the pilot phase. Approximately 400 of the 700 Salsnes finescreens worldwide in operation, treat municipal wastewater.

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By installing a fine screen in the feed stream, suspended solids are removed with high efficiency, without dosing chemicals or additives. Not only can the WWTP be operated in a more stable way as the separated solids can be discharged more economically than the biological sludge.

Water and sustainability have always been an important point to the food industry. The industry is incredibly varied, with many different types of wastewater. The large volumes of water used result in large volumes of wastewater containing mainly organic compounds and nutrients...

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Slaughter houses

By using finescreens, fats, greases and solids can be removed in a very efficient manner without adding chemicals. Screened material can be dewatered to a dewatered sludge cake with high dry solids concentrations.

Although the share of water costs in total production is still relatively small, the cost of water treatment becomes an increasingly important factor. Besides the cost aspect, the image of an environmentally conscious company plays an important role. The CirTec technologies range from pre-treatment to sedimentation and effluent polishing.

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Our vision

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Our vision is to grow our portfolio of projects and technologies. Through commitment and innovation, while making a significant contribution to maintaining a sustainable environment and investing in a cleaner future. To succeed in our mission, we aim to:

Our technologies help to reduce the use of natural resources and fossil fuels

Latest news

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17 April 2020 Stay in the LOOP Students at Berlin’s Fachhochschule Potsdam conducted research on the use, reuse and circular potential of toilet

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17 April 2020 Stay in the LOOP Studenten van de Fachhochschule Potsdam in Berlijn hebben onderzoek gedaan naar het gebruik, hergebruik en de

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11 May 2020 SMART – Plant fact sheets As part of the Horizon2020 project SMART-Plant, fact sheets were prepared by Kompetenz Wasser Berlin

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SMART Plant fact sheets

11 mei 2020 SMART – Plant fact sheets Als onderdeel van het Horizon2020 project SMART-Plant, zijn door Kompetenz Wasser Berlin factsheets opgesteld voor

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