We have two Giotto belt presses with a belt width of 2,000 mm,  in excellent condition, for sale .

The WR Greenland belt press is specifically developed for the extensive dewatering of biological sludge. Due to a highly effective thickening zone, which is equipped with wedge-shaped plows,
free water releases quickly. In a wedge-shaped zone, sludge is then slowly put under pressure between two belts, after which it enters the final pressing zone. The first two rollers have an exceptionally large diameter and a perforated jacket, so that the pressure is built up slowly and evenly and water can escape quickly on both sides. In the further pressing zone, the pressure between the two belts is further increased, so that a maximum dry solids content in the sludge cake is achieved.

The available belt presses have an effective belt width of 2,000 mm and a pressing zone with 11 pressing rollers.

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