Containerised CellCap installation recovers marketable cellulose from sewage

Earlier this month we had an excellent visit to Severn Trent Water’s Net Zero Hub Sewage Treatment Works in Strongford. A containerised CellCap installation is set up on site to recover cellulose from sewage water. Severn Trent is aiming for the world’s first carbon neutral wastewater treatment plant in Staffordshire and cellulose recovery plays an […]

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of large beltpress at Giotto Water

A number of belt presses that are currently on order are almost ready for shipment. This month, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for a belt press type Greenland 3000 WR11 with an effective belt width of 3 metres took place. The beltpress is sold to Milieutechniek De Vries & van de Wiel BV (part of […]

Sewage treatment works Almere-Oosterwold at full capacity

In a consortium with Oosterhof Holman (main contractor), Akanova and Van Remmen UV Technology, CirTec made a major contribution to the realization of an innovative small-scale sewage treatment plant, where raw materials are recovered and disinfected effluent is produced from which pharmaceutical residues have been removed. The installation, that has a capacity for 800 homes, […]

REACT-EU project CellPro final interview

On June 6th, on behalf of the “Kansen voor West – REACT-EU” program, Theo Groenink and Ruud van Raak visted STW Leidsche Rijn for the final interview of the highly successful CellPro project. This project, a cooperation of Cellvation, CirTec and Recell Group, successfully designed and built a full-scale installation for drying and hygienising cellulose […]

CirTec receives prestigious Lighthouse Award at the BlueTech Forum 2024

Edinburgh, Scotland – June 4, 2024 CirTec, part of Nijhuis Saur Industries, has been honoured with the prestigious Lighthouse Award during the BlueTech Forum 2024 held in Edinburgh. This award recognizes CirTec’s outstanding contributions to innovation and sustainability for construction of the world’s first large-scale cellulose recovery plant. The Lighthouse Awards, presented annually, celebrate pioneers […]

How we can fish millions out of sewage

20 March 2020 How we can fish millions out of sewage This week’s edition of the Financieele Dagblad focuses on the recycling of toilet paper from sewage water, with attention to our SMART-Plant at Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier in Warmenhuizen. Here CirTec extracts toilet paper from sewage water with the Cellvation process and reprocesses it into […]

Stay in the Loop

17 April 2020 Stay in the LOOP Students at Berlin’s Fachhochschule Potsdam conducted research on the use, reuse and circular potential of toilet paper. The infographic in this link (external link to is the result of their research. Compliments to Lena BlĂĽggel, Clara Lozano, and Chantal Schöpp.

SMART Plant fact sheets

11 May 2020 SMART – Plant fact sheets As part of the Horizon2020 project SMART-Plant, fact sheets were prepared by Kompetenz Wasser Berlin for the 13 SMART-Plant solutions. For each solution, the process is described and the benefits are attached. For each process, the contact information for the responsible partner can be found at the […]

From linear to circular purification with SMART

23 June 2020 From linear to circular purification with SMART plant During the SMART-Plant project, a number of technologies were investigated for the recovery and utilization of raw materials from sewage. Linear treatment ensures that incoming substances are removed, producing a clean effluent. All pollutants are converted to sludge or possibly greenhouse gases. In addition, […]