Evaporation and Scrubbing

  • Evaporation RO-concentrate
    The use of membrane technology, both in wastewater treatment and in the production of drinking and process water, has expanded enormously in recent decades. Membrane techniques, however, do not offer a complete solution, because of a residual product that remains … Continue reading
  • Biogas desulphurization
    At a green energy plant in China, the residuals from sugar production are anaerobically digested, producing up to 8,000 m3/h of biogas. This gas stream contains, besides a large amount of CO2, high concentrations of H2S up to > 35,000 … Continue reading
  • Evaporation of brine
    As a part of the wastewater treatment plant of a Textile company in the Middle East, a two-stage reversed osmosis system is installed as final treatment, removing salts and color from the water. To thicken the brine, a GaLiCos evaporator … Continue reading