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Cellulose recovery from sewage with CellCap

Sewage contains valuable resources. Cellulose can be recovered from sewage with CellCap and converted in the biobased rescource Recell®. Recell®can be used in the production of biogas and as a resource in building materials, biocomposites and bioplastics.

In the CellCap project, the technology is developed and demonstrated in practice. With this CirTec developed technology it is possible to directly recover a high quality cellulose product from sewage. Some of the advantages of the technology is that the cellulose is directly ready for reuse, the sewage treatment process requires less energy because some of the biological degradable solids are removed and the CO2 emissions of the sewage treatment plant are significantly reduced ( 2.53 ton CO2 per ton cellulose).

Duration of the project: February 2020 – May 2022

Project partners: CirTec and CellVation

Cirtec receives cofinancing from the province of Noord Holland.